Peace of Mind

Do you know, for sure, that your backup is functioning as it should? If the unthinkable happened, could your practice reliably and effectively restore its data? Are you confident in this business continuity plan? clients experience peace of mind on a variety of fronts:

  • With 488-bit encryption, you know your data is safe and that your practice is in compliance with the latest regulations

  • All servers you connect to are backed up in two places—first, to a local backup media and then to a large, offsite cloud-based server. This translates to a robust disaster recovery plan. If something happened to your office space, your data could be retrieved reliably so that business could continue with minimal interruptions.

  • is a managed service, which means we manage your client experience. We review and email your backup logs daily and employ top-tier customer service executives to address any challenges you might be experiencing. There is never any doubt.