About us

As the premier, fully-managed onsite and offsite backup solution for dental practices, Dental-Backup.com is a hybrid cloud solution that backs up all of your practice’s active and resting data in your patient management software, database server, image server, and more.


Here’s why Dental-Backup.com is better than the solution you are currently using:

  • Encryption+: This solution uses 488-bit encryption—HIPAA requires all resting and active data be encrypted.
  • Dual Backup: All devices you connect to Dental-Backup.com are backed up in two places—first, to a local backup media and to Dental-Backup.com’s cloud servers.
  • Device-based (not data) Pricing: Dental-Backup.com is priced based on devices connected, instead of by data amount. And, you can connect up to 4 servers in one location to one account.
  • Options: Choose to have your data backed up nightly, or in real time.
  • Service: Dental-Backup.com is a managed service, which means we manage your client experience. We review and email you your backup logs daily and employ top-tier customer service executives to address any challenges you might be experiencing.
  • Business Continuity: Dental-Backup.com is a built-in disaster recovery and business continuity solution. If disaster were to strike, Dental-Backup.com could get you up and running reliably. And when time is money, this is imperative.
  • No Hostages Here: Our clients come to us—and stay with us— because they love the Dental-Backup.com solution, not because they cannot leave. We provide the encryption key to all of our clients. This means you have access to your data at any time, should you need immediate access or choose to switch providers.